Girls aged 7 to 12

In addition to the themed badge system, a brownie can expand her knowledge and capabilities through interest badges. Interest badges allow girls to further develop their already existing hobbies to earn badges. What is more exciting is that SGG will continuously develop new programs to cater the various interests of girls.

The Brownie Badge Program is divided into five areas:

•    Personal Development
•    Health
•    Global Awareness
•    Green World
•    International Guiding

For more information about the Brownie program click here. (Here the badge system and information about each theme will be provided)

Activities for Brownies may include:

•    Learning about arts & crafts.
•    Community service projects.
•    Exploring different cultures.
•    Planning healthy meals (ingredients and menus).
•    Planting an edible garden.

Promise & law

Brownie Promise

I promise that I will do my best:

1.    To do my duty to God and my country,
2.    To help other people at all times, especially my family,
3.    To obey the Girl Guide Law.

Brownie Law

1.    A Brownie is Honest.
2.    A Brownie is loyal to God, her country, her leaders and subordinates.
3.    A Brownie is useful and helpful to others.
4.    A Brownie is a friend to all and a sister to every other Guide.
5.    A Brownie has a praiseworthy character.
6.    A Brownie is kind to animals.
7.    A Brownie is obedient to her parents and leaders.
8.    A Brownie keeps her smile when facing difficulties and deals with all such difficulties with patience and perseverance.
9.    A Brownie is thrifty.
10.  A Brownie is pure in word and in deed.


Photos will be provided soon


If you are interested to become a Brownie please click here or visit our registration page. (or, To join the Brownie team, fill in the registration form)