For Girls aged 12 to 15

Girls completing the brownie program or are aged from 12 to 15 become a guide after making the guides promise in a special ceremony hosted in SGG yearly.  Girls will receive their Promise Badge as an entrance token to join the guides group.

Promise & law

Guides Promise

On my honor, I promise to do my best:

1.    To do my duty to God then to my country,
2.    To help other people in all circumstances,
3.    To abide by the Girl Guide Law.

Guide Law

1.    A Girl Guide is honor is to be trusted.
2.    A Girl Guide is loyal to God, her country, her leaders and subordinates.
3.    A Girl Guide is useful and helpful to others.
4.    A Girl Guide is a friend to all and a sister to every other Guide.
5.    A Girl Guide has a praiseworthy character.
6.    A Girl Guide is kind to animals.
7.    A Girl Guide is obedient to her parents and leaders.
8.    A Girl Guide keeps her smile when facing difficulties and deals with all such difficulties with patience and perseverance.
9.    A Girl Guide is thrifty.
10.  A Girl Guide is pure in word and in deed.

Guides are responsible to lead younger units of brownies, and learn to organize events and teach others some of their skills. The guides program will include a variety of activities that enhance leadership skills, and encourage self-development, healthy lifestyle, and outdoor activities. Also, they would participate in serving the community and work towards getting their voice heard in society.

Guides activities may include:

•    Organizing charity campaigns.
•    Establishing a book club.
•    Learning about outdoor living & camping.
•    Developing leadership skills.
•    Planning for social projects.